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[Q] WSUS integration and Feature coparison of AC/NAC Agent for ISE Quarantine offering


Hi experts and team,


Does anyone have the information about ISE/Anyconnect Quarantine Network features as bellow. I have the project of SP internal IT.

I assume that it might be basic question but I couldn't find the information.



- [Q1] WSUS and ISE integration for Windows desktops


Is it possible to pull compliance information and check desktop status with like MS windows OS/Hotfix/Patch directory from MS managed WSUS and corporate local WSUS ?


ISE can check latest supported list for OS/AV/AS/application continuously from Posture Updates which is for local compliance check in ISE internal.



This seems that ISE can do remediation action as following, but I couldn't find the information to specify WSUS server for direct integration.


Windows Server Update Services Remediation



Windows Update Remediation




- [Q2] EoSed NAC Agent with ISE vs Anyconnect with ISE capability


I could see sometime the topic of functional comparison of Old NAC Agent and Anyconnect.

Does anyone know if there are any latest information of feature comparison matrix?


We already publish the announce of EoS of NAC Agent, but latest admin guide is still use the keyword of "NAC Agent." for the client component.



If there are feature gaps with NAC agent and Anyconnect, please guide me.