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About DNA-Center, its requirements and effective benefits


Hi everyone


For days I have been reading about Cisco DNA-Center for SD-Access, and I have some questions that I hope the experts will promptly and effectively reply. I wish I could travel back in time to ask the question at the DNA-Center presentations, but well... time is linear and ever forward.


  • For DNA-Center, it is delivered as appliance. Just as with APIC-EM, extra applications will be delivered as packages at additional cost?
  • Which APIC-EM apps will be ported to DNA-Center? Easy-QOS? Path-Trace?
  • The same hardware that is supported by APIC-EM will be supported by DNA-Center?
  • Will there be access directly to the underlying APIC-EM? The APIC-EM APIs will be kept on DNA-Center?


I understand the Design >> Provision workflow. There is a way particular extra configurations could be added to the default ones ( SNMP ACLS, Default ACLs on Access Ports, AAA method order, IP Routing)? In Prime and APIC-EM PnP, there is the CLI config templates that can contain these extra settings, is there something like that on DNA-Center?


If we would like to make a site-wise change, like changing the DHCP/DNS or AAA Server, the only way is to alter the Design and re-Deploy? Once a device is provisioned and deployed, can the settings be altered per-device from DNA-Center?


I know, lots of questions... but not having DNA-Center to play with, relying only on videos/pres/marketing material ... I sincerely felt I had to work out the guts of DNA-Center out of a bunch of marketing talk.


I would like to have this clear to make a solid business-case (a real one, with design architecture and process behind), that will justify spending on DNA-Center appliance and setting a deployment and operation road-map, with all the dependencies in place.


Sorry for the long post