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DNA-Center Assurance


Hi everyone,


Is there any preview of DNA-Center assurance? In APIC-EM, the Topology view was the first thing that was shown, and tracking users and devices. Is there any video or article showing how it will look like?


From what I read, the Inventory/Hosts/Topology/PathTrace apps from APIC-EM should be visible on DNA-Center ...right? For the moment, it is more attractive to keep the existing APIC-EM for PnP/Provisioning with config templates (same parameters as seen on DNA-Center), as there are more tshoot apps in APIC-EM to keep it useful after the deploy phase. The case where DNA-Center definitely wins is for Wireless deployments, as the AP groups and VLAN-APGroup mapping is automatically done, even mobility groups.


So, in order to clear off the table the replacement of APIC-EM by DNA-Center, I would really like to see how the DNA Assurance will provide the Topology/PathTrace apps from APIC-EM, and what monitoring/operation features will be taken from Prime?

Waiting to see DNA-Center really accomplish all the promises! Sure it will, sooner than later.