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UCCX 10.6 Agent State Duration turns back 0 after 30 sec.


Good afternoon everyone


I have a strange incident with one agent....  When you are monitoring Agents -Team State from a Supervisor Desktop application, this particular agent's State duration turns back to 0 once it reaches to exactly 30 sec..   It does not matter if he is talking with a customer or Not Ready State...

I asked his supervisor to login to the agent's PC as an agent with Supervisor's user ID and Ext.   When the supervisor logged in, his name disappeared every 30 sec. and re appeared back in Agents - Team State.  When the agent logged in, he does not disappear from there but his State duration turns back to 0 and start all over again and seems to be the calls are not interrupted....


Has anyone seen this kind of incident?    I appreciate any suggestions.


thank you