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XMPP Federation with Trillian.im


VCSE 8.5.1

VCSC 8.5.1

Jabber v11.8.5


XMPP Federation support = on

Use Static Route = off

Security Mode = TLS Optional

Require client-side certificates = on

Privacy Mode = off


I have successfully setup a XMPP federation with a test server using their test domain Trillianastra.com.  However when we move to their production servers using domain Trillian.im it fails  The Trillian administrator says we are connected and he's sending me invitations but I'm not seeing the invites in Jabber.  When I view active federated connections I see an incoming IP connection of the Trillian server.  This is a TLS connection so I'm assuming it's something related to certificate issues.  I've searched the event logs but nothing seems to reveal why I'm not able to see his invites.  When I try to initiate a chat from the jabber client I get "Message to bobc@trillian.im could not be delivered"  I'm thinking it has something to do with a client-side certificate that I don't have.  I had to upload a few GeoTrust root certs to get the test server talking.  Their production servers must require some additional certs.  I upload a bunch more of the GeoTrust root certs, universal certs and such and it broke everything so I deleted all of them and reverted to the two that worked on the test server.  Don't know where to go from here?