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Geeking out on cloud storage with Joe Arnold of SwiftStack


Are you a lover of data storage technology? Do your ears perk up when you hear terms like “data gravity” and “erasure coding”? Do you enjoy a good debate about the proper uses of deterministic data placement versus algorithmic placement?


Then this is the podcast for you.


In this episode, SwiftStack co-founder and CEO Joe Arnold talks about those very things and much, much more. In fact, during our 41-minute chat, he gets into a level of storage detail with a level of storage enthusiasm that you probably won’t run into anywhere else in the podcast world. I feel safe saying that.


The great part about all this detail and enthusiasm is that even if you are not currently a storage expert—if you are merely someone who aspires to become a storage expert—this is the podcast for you as well.


I speak from experience. Having participated in this discussion, I can now explain to you the difference between erasure coding and replicas. And I’m a marketer for crying out loud. I don’t know how to say this without offending my colleagues, but technical depth is not always our strength.


So whether you’re a storage fan because you love it already or because you want to love it more, I encourage you to tune in to this week’s episode of Cloud Unfiltered. Some of the other things we cover during this particular chat include:


  • How and why Joe started SwiftStack
  • Whether you should put sensitive data in the public cloud
  • Why SwiftStack is committed to keeping data in its native format when storing it
  • How AI will improve storage strategies in the future 
  • The impact of the network on data storage
  • Why cost Is not the reason to move to the cloud


See the video podcast on our YouTube page, or listen to the audio version on iTunes. And if you like what you hear, we invite you to subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any of the other exciting podcasts we have scheduled over the next several months.