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how to choose right AP model for customer


how to choose right AP model for customer

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    Tay Zar,


    Please refer here for Cisco AP model comparisons.


    Access Points - Compare Series - Cisco


    I hope this helps.
    Kelli Glass

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    Hi Tay,


    As Kelli says prefer tot the compare series for exact details on each of the different AP models and their data sheets.

    When I am recommending an Access Point for a customer (Be it Cisco or other vendors) the things that I first determine are:


    • What is the wireless network going to be used for? For example, voice, video, high density, high bandwidth applications and the number of expected clients for each area.
    • Does the customer already have a preferred AP model
    • What Controller infrastructure do they already have in place, and will it support the recommended APs (even with a code upgrade. If a code  upgrade is required will existing APs still be supported)
    • What is the customers life cycle expectancy (no point installing APs that are close to EOL to have to upgrade them in a years time)
    • What are the clients connecting to the APs (Laptops, phones, tablets etc) and are there any constraints on their compatibility with different standards (2.4Ghz only, WPA PSK only etc)
    • Very important question is what is the expected budget


    I then look at the different data sheets for APs that will meet the needs of the customer, and conduct a predictive / hybrid site survey for the client (very important step) and if the coverage/ capacity is the same between different models that meet the requirements, then I give them a BOM with each model along with why I would choose one over the other.