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PEGA Axis error: Parser already accessed


We have a PEGA frontend, from where we are keying in double byte characters like Japanese and being send to distributed java webservice through axis. This is working fine when we send singlebyte characters. Only failing while using double byte characters. The encoding used is UTF-8 in the xml which is being passed. Double byte characters are being properly rendered in PEGA front end. Even the PEGA logs shows characters intact.


Axis version: 2


PEGA gets the response while invoking webservice...


Error:problem accessing the parser. Parser already accessed!


Did various combination testing and found the following...


single byte- working chinese - working


japanese Hiragana - working katakana - working kanji - not working


For kanji, PEGA is not even hitting the distributed code, it fails with parser error "problem accessing the parser. Parser already accessed!