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/UCSD 6.5 / SCVMM 2016 : VMs guest OS regional settings hard-coded to EN-US ?


Hello All,

I have an infrastructure based on Hyper-V clusters / SCVMM 2016 orchestrated with UCSD 6.5


I'm facing something strange : when a request has been fulfilled for a Windows 2016 standard VM,  UCSD seems to change the default regional settings and keyboard layout to EN-US during the guest OS customization, which is not the settings of our SCVMM Template.

If I deploy a VM directly through SCVMM it's OK.

When orchestrated by UCSD, it overrides my template settings.

I've checked but so far it seems to me that there is no regional setting in any Policy, isn't it ?


Would I have missed Something ?


Thanks for your help