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TMS Room Panel App


Hi All,


My company is a Cisco Solution Developer partner in the UK and has created an Android App which turns an Android tablet into a room schedule display. The app is designed to run on a tablet mounted outside a meeting room, to provide a view of the the conference suite's availability. Further information can be found at the app's product page here: https://www.prospectnetworks.co.uk/tms-room-panel.


We're entering our pilot phase, and so we're reaching out to TMS users who could benefit from the App. Pilot participants will be able to provide input regarding the additional features that would be most valuable in their environment, and help shape the app's development roadmap.


To participate in the pilot, you'll need an android account; we can then make the app available to you through the Android Play store. Please send me a dm, if you'd like to participate.



Shad Bernard