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Wrong username/password when logging into Jabber


I've just added a new user into Jabber, but when I try to sign into the client with her credentials, I get a wrong username or password error. I'm able to login to the client using my credentials. IM&P is synced with our Active Directory. I've verified her account is not locked or disabled.

I've tried the following but it did not fix the problem:

     Run from CLI - run sql delete from enduser where userid='<userid>’

     Restart Cisco Sync Agent service on CUCM IM and P PUBLISHER

     Re-sync user details from CUCM


The client is version 11.6.3 running on a Windows 10 (1709) PC. The server is version


I've closely examined the settings of her account and her phone in UCM and I don't see any differences between hers and another user in her department who isn't having a problem.


The only thing I can see that's different about her is that in IM&P, there's no number under the "Contacts" column. There is a number under the "Watchers" and "Devices" columns. She appears as a contact in my Jabber but shows as offline.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.  I'm new to supporting CUCM, so if you could make your suggestions very simple to follow and understand, I would greatly appreciate it.