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DTMF to an analog modem device not working


Hi everyone,

I am currently troubleshooting an analog modem device (KRMIF) which does not respond to DTMF digits that are sent to it. The modem is connected to a VG310 through a FXS port which is registered to CUCM using MGCP. The modem uses V32b data modulation standard.

I have done some debugging (show voice port, debug vpm signal, debug voip ccapi inout) and could see that the DTMF digits are being sent to the device.

Now have tried to shut/no shut the port, to set different frequency and ren ranges, but that does not solve the problem.

NOTE: the modem does respond correctly to DTMF if it is connected through a GSM module, so that means that the modem is actually working.

I have attached the debugging logs.

Do you have any ideas what else I could do? Thank you!