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License Issue after Esxi Host 5.5 password recovery


Hi Experts,


So we had a situation where we had to password recover ESXI 5.5. This meant that we had to delete the host and reinstall.


This lead to the fact that the VM's that were running on the Host had to be re-added. We did this and it was fine all was working 100%.


Then I noticed that CUCM was complaining about Syncing ELM I did so and saw that it had a Conflict Error.


Basically saying that this was not the product instance that had the licenses on. I can see all our licenses in the Fulfil license Tab.


And I have deleted the product instances and readded them whereby it said this is not the product instance that was originally loaded but do you want to take over it etc. Curreny running on demo licenses.


How do I go about getting the licenses to sync to the instance?


Thanks for your time,