Cisco ISE with WLC Setup Video

This one hour video walks through the ISE VM setup from ISO image, WLC/ISE configuration. It also goes through endpoint experience for Guest Hotspot, 802.1X, and BYOD flow. Also the slides shared in the video is available Let's Install ISE 2.0.pdf



0:00 - 4:38 Introduction

4:38 - 6:23 DHCP & DNS Setup

7:00 - 10:13 ISE VM Configuration

12:25 - 35:00 WLC Configuration; WLC baseline configuration, RADIUS servers, ACLs, WLAN settings

39:00 - 42:00 ISE GUI Baseline setup; Policy Set, AD, Profile Whitelisting, Profile CoA

42:00 - 50:00 Policy Setup; Policy set for each WLAN, NAD Configuration, Hotspot portal, Authorization profile

50:00 - 59:50 Guest Hotspot flow, 802.1X flow, and BYOD flow experience


Components :

  • Cisco ISE 2.0
  • Cisco WLC 8.0.121
  • Microsoft Windows 2008 Server with Active Directory
  • Apple iPhone 9.3
  • VMware Fusion 8.0 (The video uses VMware Fusion which is unsupported version of VMware for production use with ISE. Please refer to ISE Compatibility Guide for supported version of VMware)


List of ISE Resources :


This same video is also available at YouTube