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TCLTransfer1.0.3. not compiled TCLTransfer.java on CallStudio 9.0


Hello Paul Tindall and everbody,

i try use your component TCLTransfer1.0.3.zip but not working as expected.

I open TCLTransfer.java on :


Cisco Unified Call Studio

Version: 9.0(1)

Build id: 20120621-0457


But on Callstudio the file Java are noticed the erros attached bellow:

I guess missing one packed ou JAR to copile that, right?


Anybody help me on this issue.








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    I found the first version of ParkCall of Paul and have a Custom_Elements_Ctrl.jar but inside only had parkcall.class


    Anyone had a Custom_Elements_Ctrl.jar ? I need copile this files of Paul Tindall ?




    ParkCall.class (Version 1.2)


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    JAR containing the custom classes you wanted can be downloaded from https://app.box.com/s/nymk8078cinuyg6cxd2e

    Remember these are "sold-as-seen" with no official Cisco support.


    Not sure why your build is having problems but dependency info attached.  Framework.jar is the only JAR you need to resolve these.

    TCLTransfer Class Direct Dependencies List.png

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    Hello Again Paul,


    Unfortunately for me not works with me compile your custom components on my CallStudio, but i need say to you thanks for your file previously sent on your last post "PT_17042014_Custom_Elements_Ctrl" using your classes compiled this classes was possible.


    We used your GetSipheader component on CallStudio with ICM and working as expected. For use TCL Transfer component it´s necessary use Getsipheader component too? After transfer i received "result,ls_009" i guess this  a Disconnect from IOS. We don’t know why.

    PS: The TCL Transfer were loaded on Gateway.


    According with your presentation "CVP Advanced Topics (Part 1)" on 2014 March  we belive using the TCLTransfer should be use for our case.  If you have record of audio or Webex for your PPT presentation during the or conference i will be glad .


    Your presentation said:

    "Can also avoid tromboning media through ingress gateway depending on where?


    We need on customer transfer or send the call to other region adding information on SIP Header.


    How can do this? I didn´t understand exactly how can this works.


    1 - I need transfer thought TCL component, after that i give command on Callinput : done using Subdialog Return to ICM the mesange hangup the Call? Right?
    2 - In your example the number 4418 is a DiallPeer?
    3 - What you mean CallParty ? Its mandatory for Work?

    Attached follow my project of CallStudio.


    Actvity.log,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,newcall,,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,ani,01131398900,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,areacode,NA,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,exchange,NA,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,dnis,6220,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,uui,NA,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,iidigits,NA,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,parameter,callid=100589E6CB2A11E383FB0023EBBAA5A8,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,parameter,_dnis=6220,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,,start,parameter,_ani=01131398900,04/24/2014 17:23:11.861,CVP Subdialog Start_01,enter,,04/24/2014 17:23:11.970,CVP Subdialog Start_01,exit,done,04/24/2014 17:23:11.970,GetSIPHeader_01,enter,,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel,CVP Testes,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel.food,apple,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel.location,Sao Paulo,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel.animal,donkey,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel.session,CISCO Works,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,data,Wittel.notuse,nothing,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,GetSIPHeader_01,exit,done,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,Audio_01,enter,,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,Audio_01,custom,CASE1,CISCO Works,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,Audio_01,custom,CASE3,apple,04/24/2014 17:23:12.017,Audio_01,custom,CASE2,Sao Paulo,04/24/2014 17:23:12.021,Audio_01,interaction,audio_group,initial_audio_group,04/24/2014 17:23:12.048,Audio_01,exit,done,04/24/2014 17:23:12.048,TCLTransfer_01,enter,,04/24/2014 17:23:20.644,TCLTransfer_01,data,result,ls_009,04/24/2014 17:23:20.644,TCLTransfer_01,exit,phone_error,04/24/2014 17:23:20.644,CVP Subdialog Return_01,enter,,04/24/2014 17:23:20.675,CVP Subdialog Return_01,exit,,04/24/2014 17:23:20.675,,end,how,app_session_complete,04/24/2014 17:23:20.675,,end,result,normal,04/24/2014 17:23:20.675,,end,duration,9

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    I'll try to answer some of your questions but firstly I think you'll need to explain the scenario a bit more clearly.  The Calling Party Number setting is optional on the custom transfer element.  Status ls_009 on call setup typically indicates the call hit a problem at the destination.  You should collect  a SIP trace on the gateway to see what happened and why it cleared.



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    Hi Paul

    My Name is HyunSuk Wi.


    I have different error while Test  TCL Transfer.

 ,11/01/2017 14:56:38.477,StartOfCall_Init_CallVariable_S01,enter,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,StartOfCall_Init_CallVariable_S01,custom,callid,6B833480000100000000145A213E460A,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,StartOfCall_Init_CallVariable_S01,exit,done,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,GetSIPHeader_01,enter,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,GetSIPHeader_01,data,User-Agent,CVP 11.5 (1) ES-1 Build-349,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,GetSIPHeader_01,exit,done,11/01/2017 14:56:38.508,TCLTransfer_01,enter,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.524,TCLTransfer_01,element,error,error.com.cisco.callhandoff.failure,11/01/2017 14:56:38.524,TCLTransfer_01,exit,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.524,TCLTransfer_01,exit,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.524,,element,error,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.539,,element,error,error.badfetch,11/01/2017 14:56:38.539,TCLTransfer_01,exit,,11/01/2017 14:56:38.539,,element,error, !


    What is that meaning about callhadoff.failure.?

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    Call handoff failure is typically because the cvp_tclxfer service isn't defined on the gateway, hasn't been loaded, is incorrectly configured or there's a problem with the TCL file.  That's the first place to check.