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Send Calls to Originator - with mix of 29xx/39xx and 43xx/44xx


I have a Dialed Number Pattern on CVP 11.5 for the VRU Label 777* to send to a SIP Server group (VXML gateway farm) and I also  have teh Send to Originator checked.


this is because I want calls that originate from 2900 and 3900 to be sent back to same device for VXML treatment.


However calls from a CUBE 4331 are also been sent back to itself for VRU treatment, which do not work, since the 4000 ISRs do not support VXML.


I would have thought that CVP Call Server would be was smart enough to ignore this for the 4000 series ISR, just as it ignores it when calls originate form CUCM.

But it looks like it does not....

There are likely a few workarounds.

1) use Prefix on each Gateways and prepend digits on CVP (will work, but a bit painful)

2) Change SIP headers on CUBE to CVP, so it does not see it as a ISR device (I believe change the useragent?) so that it does not attempt to send back to originator

Anyone have the same issue or better solution and if you have tried option 2 above if you have the SIP config?