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Cisco Spark application (Windows) not setting Proxy


Hi all,


I'm having issues with the Cisco Spark application running on our Windows 7 SoE build. The Spark application Fails to log in with the following error: "Oop! Cannot connect at this time".

Running the Health Checker application, the services impacted are 'Upgrade, Authenticate,Admin.' Closer inspection of the log (current_log.txt), I can see that the Cisco Spark Application is not picking up the proxy configuration from the browser.


I've attached a copy of the relevant log section below.

2017-10-05T03:56:51.797Z <Debug> [6704] ProxyManager.cpp:100 network::ProxyManager::_getWebProxyAddressFromPlatform:About to request proxy for address for the probe address: https://idbroker.webex.com/idb/oauth2/v1/access_token

2017-10-05T03:56:51.797Z <Debug> [6704] ProxyUtils.cpp:32 ProxyUtils::getSystemProxyAddress:Proxy's for https://idbroker.webex.com/idb/oauth2/v1/access_token

2017-10-05T03:56:52.803Z <Debug> [6704] ProxyUtils.cpp:38 ProxyUtils::getSystemProxyAddress:Proxy: Type: NoProxy. HostName: . Port: 0

2017-10-05T03:56:52.803Z <Error> [6704] DataWarehouse.cpp:989 DataWarehouse::getValue:Attempting to read value from DB before config store has been read. Key: desktop-proxy-ping

2017-10-05T03:56:52.803Z <Debug> [6704] ProxyCallbackManager.cpp:96 network::ProxyStatusManager::getOrCreateProxyStatus:Adding proxy into cache: , status: Direct, address https://idbroker.webex.com/idb/oauth2/v1/access_token


As a result, Cisco Spark is trying to access services over SSL (443) directly which is blocked hence the failed login attempt.


Is this a bug?