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Finesse Custom header in HTTP POST


Finesse has an ability to post XML on call alerting, connect etc.

The below is a sample screen shot from Finesse 11.5 Admin posting some XML.


You can get Finesse to POST XML to a SOAP Web Service which could be very useful.

There is one issue.

SOAP 1.1 requires a specific HTTP Header also to be set.

So even if the XML is in the correct format, the SOAP Web service is likely to reject it with a 500 error.


To support this, (and it would be simple to add) you need to set the HTTP Header "SOAPAction"

But today, the only HTTP header value that can be set by Finesse is the Content Type as per below.

A nice feature enhancement would be to have the ability to add a custom header (with a checkbox to enable it).


You could then add the following example HTTP so that the SOAP post was 100% valid.



HTTP CustomHeader1: [X]       SOAPAction: "http://schemas.mywebserver.mydomain.local/blah/IncomingCall"



Screen Shot of FInesse 11.5