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Live Data Gadget not picking up Filters in report


Finesse 10.6.1  - Live Data Gadget for Voice CSQ Agent Detail - Did a File Save As and created another version of this report.

Got the Link number and put it in Live Data Gadget.

New report - Edited Default  filter - Basic - chose the Team ; Edited filter - Advanced - chose to edit the CSQ  and chose a couple of particular CSQs for that Team.  Checked the box "Bypass Filter Dialog".


When I run the report in CUIC (co-Res with UCCX) - it works like I want, I see only the team I want and only the CSQs for that Team that I want.  (Several CSQs, but some Supervisors only need to watch certain CSQs)


That same report in Finesse gadget does not give the same results as when I run it in CUIC.


In the gadget in the Finesse layout I have tried the following,

1) I did not have the Team name or Vocie CSQ name specified in gadget - produced all the CSQs in the report no matter the team

2) Entered the Team name (%20XYZ)  in the gadget in this spot --> &filterId=VoiceCSQDetailsStats. agentId=CL   - Produces the right Team but not the correct CSQ (the one specified in Advanced filter in report)

3) Entered the Team name (%20XYZ) in the gadget in this spot --> &filterId=VoiceCSQDetailsStats. agentId=CL  AND in this spot -->agentVoiceCSQName=CL</gadget>


<gadget>https://localhost:8444/cuic /gadget/LiveData/LiveDataGadget.jsp? gadgetHeight=310&viewId =9A7A14CE10000140000000ED0A4E5E6B &filterId=VoiceCSQDetailsStats. agentId=CL&compositeFilterId =VoiceCSQDetailsStats.AgentVoiceCSQNames. agentVoiceCSQName=CL</gadget>


The Supervisor running hte Finesees desktop has the skill for the CSQ ;  the Supervisor is listed as a Secondary Supervisor for this Team ; the Team has the CSQ needed.


Any ideas ?