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Rest_Client Element




I am using Rest_Client Element to send data to API for Authentication, When i give static text in Body i get success, where as when i substitute some of the fields in Body with session Data i get 500 error, I am thinking the value is not substituting with {Data.Session.s_ANI} in Body text

Eg: How i am trying to do below, i am trying to substitute identifier with sessionData. When i give static value in "XXXXXX" that gives me success 200.

Please let me know how to substitute the values required in Body.


"serviceData": {

"loggingId": "demoeloyLogId" },

"userData": {

"identifier": {Data.Session.s_ANI}


"processingInformation": {

"biometric": {

"type": "text-dependent",

"mode": "td_demo"